i'll let the bad parts in

i wont respond to negative messages

So I’ve been a bed ridden sick sweaty ball of germs the last couple days and it’s starting to bore me. My hips hurt from laying in bed so much but I still have like zero energy and my cough is getting worse (they did say it would probably turn into bronchitis)
I actually hate the inhaler they gave me it makes my heart beat super fast, gives me the shakes an makes me feel like I’m having an anxiety attack while the antibiotics are giving me a not so happy poops.
I’m constantly sweaty too I don’t get it and when I smoke I actually get a very bad headache but it did help me sleep earlier today. I hve to go back to work tomorrow but only for one day since im off thursday but I have a feeling I’m gonna be a grumpy sick mess and im not gonna wanna sell anything or carry as many registers.
I hate being sick guys. I hate how shitty my immune system is. And like I try to eat healthy and right and I take vitamins but I swear ever since I got mono my jr year I’ve been is so easy for me to get sick…. Like one time some kid sneezed on me at a show and the next day I literally had the flu. Like wtf.

Idk though this is just a random nonsense post cause I’ve had limited human interactions the last few days but in other news I updated my iOS again to the 8.2 or whatever and I still hate my phone maybe even more then before but I hate it very much.

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